_ABSOLEM_ Superdoll Collectables London Fashion Doll Festival

We are thrilled to be able to announce that the London Fashion Doll Festival, in association with Superdoll Collectables, has secured an exclusive Generation X Sybarite doll Upgrade Package for attendees to purchase.

We are able to tell you that her name is *ABSOLEM*, but all other details must remain shrouded in mystery until the lady herself makes her entrance at the Festival on 30th June 2018.

We are offering those who have already purchased a ticket to upgrade to the Superdoll Upgrade Package first. Sales will then up to everyone else on Friday 19th January via our sales page. If you have already purchased a ticket, please contact us, and we will send you the link to purchase the upgrade and a personalised voucher for the ticket price that you have already paid. We can also reserve a doll for you until the 30th January.

The upgrade package is priced at £448 which includes the £70 entrance fee and VAT. These exclusive dolls are a strictly limited edition and will be sold on a first come first served basis. Please note: you must be in attendance at the event in order to collect your doll.

About Superdoll Collectables

The Sybarite is a 16-inch resin artist-doll created by London artists Desmond Lingard and Charles Fegen in 2005. Sybarite dolls are fully articulated mannequin-like dolls and have appeared in several fashion trades (French Revue des Modes, Style.com, Women’s Wear Daily). HauteDoll features Sybarites on the Covers of their magazines.

The designers work under the “Superdoll” moniker and produce the dolls for a collector market. Previous to artist dolls, Fegen worked in the fashion industry as a clothing designer.

Early dolls were handmade in London by Lingard and Fegen in their workshop. As the dolls went into the mainstream market, manufacturing moved to China.

The dolls have 17 points of articulation and have strung bodies similar to the Super Dollfie dolls from Japan. The Sybarite doll was introduced shortly after Asian ball-jointed dolls were gaining popularity but differ in that they are high fashion mannequins versus the Asian ball-jointed dolls’ anime inspired childlike quality.

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