London Fashion Doll Festival OOAK Competition

London Fashion Doll Festival OOAK CompetitionDo you love to customise and OOAK your dolls? Would like to show off your skills at the London Fashion Doll Festival on 30th June 2018? Then the WONDERLAND OOAK Doll Contest is the perfect platform for you! This is a contest to feature single 12″ or 16″ dolls.


  1. Contest participation is open to all registered attendees.
  2. Please register to take part using the form below.
  3. The doll should be dressed in an original design relevant to the festival theme of Mad Hatter’s Tea Party or Alice in Wonderland.
  4. Any fashion doll can be used for this category and be 12″ or 16″ scale. There will be 2 categories to reflect the different scales.
  5. Dolls must be placed in position by 11am at the latest and Dolls can be collected after 4pm. This is to allow judging and all attendees to have ample viewing time.
  6. The winner will be announced at about 4pm.
  7. Judges decision is final.

Register to take part below

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing your creation in June!

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